Company Introduction

The Taiwan Amino Acids Co. Ltd. collaborates with Japan and is a professional manufacturer that has made amino acids for over 30 years. Our products have wide applications in food, medicine, cosmetics, feeds and fertilizer-breakdown superior protein. The purity is over 99% and the products are sold to developed countries such as America, France, Germany and Australia.

Amino Acids    

l          L-Cystine EP6

l          L-Cysteine Hcl Monohydrate USP 30

l          L-Cysteine Hcl Anhydrous USP 30

l          L-Tyrosine USP 30

l          L-Leucine USP 30

Organic Feeds

l          Organic Minerals and Trace Metal Chelete

l          Superior Protein Hydrolysate(Peptide)

Organic Fertilizers

l          Pellet Fertilizer

l          Mixed Amino Acids Paste

l          Chitin Powder Fertilizer

l          Compound Pellet Fertilizer

l          Essential Metal Chelete A.A. for Plant

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 Taiwan Amino Acids Co., Ltd.

Company: 5F-3, No. 158, Chung-Cheng 3rd RD. Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Contact: Mr. Jim Tsai

Position: Manager

Tel: 886-7-2376312   Fax:886-7-2376822 

Factory: 17 Chung-Hsin RD., Chia-Tai Industrial Estate Chia-Yi Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel: 886-5-2371933   Fax:886-5-2377333



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